FluidDyn is an open-source framework for developing research codes with with emphasis on ease of use, maintenance and development. An introduction on the design aspects of FluidDyn can be found here.

Contribute and collaborate

FluidDyn is developed by an international team of researchers. We welcome participation at all levels. The packages are well documented and fairly mature. Links to documentation of the packages are provided on the sidebar. In case of questions, feel free to contact us via chat or Mastodon / Fediverse.


FluidDyn packages are distributed under CeCILL (GPL) or CeCILL-B (BSD) license depending on the package.


Specialized Packages

  • transonic A Python-Numpy accelerator using other accelerators (like Pythran, Cython and Numba)
  • fluidfft C++ classes and their Python wrapper classes written in Cython useful to perform Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) with different libraries
  • fluidsim Framework for studying fluid dynamics with numerical simulations using Python
  • fluidlab Framework for studying fluid dynamics by experiments using Python
  • fluidimage A libre Python framework for scientific treatments of large series of images.

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